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Pansion Winnetou was built in 1989 and was first opened in 2004 and is through and through a family business. We have 12 rooms and of course each of these rooms has a private bathroom. From beginning on we have expanded and improved our offer and now we are a well known family business with renovated rooms with LED TV / SAT. With a lovely Dinner in the evening, good breakfast (Buffet) in the morning and personal advice for the NP Plitvice lakes and everything you are interested in our surrounding.

If you hear the Nature calling then take the chance to go through the wonderful forests of the NP, or are you the type who likes to explore plants and animals? There are many plant species in our region know as they grow only here. In the relatively small area of ​​the park are 1267 species from 112 genera recorded.  22 plant species in the park are protected by law.

The Plitvice Lakes are already noted in cards since the 17th Century .The first written documents are from the second half of the 18th Century. The name Plitvice was first mentioned in 1777. Already in the 90s of the 19th Century there was  the first organized actions to provide protection in the Plitvice Lakes. In the 30th´s of the 20th Century founded the researcher Ivo Pevalek protecting scientific values ​​of the area. By observing the growth of mosses and algae, he noted that the formation of travertine (calcareous), which contributes to the special geomorphological structure of the Plitvice lakes, the most important and most sensitive biogenic process , at the same time "the essence of the Plitvice Lakes" making up. The scientific cognitions and activities of the researcher Ivo Pevalek led to the Plitvice Lakes 8 April 1949 were declared as national park.